Woodbridge Cat Clinic’s Yelp reviews

Josh L. 11/9/2016

Brought my cat in on short notice this morning. I have never received such personalized care for my cat, I have also never spent so much time with a Vet actually explaining things to me, showing me the facility and actually caring about my animal who is a valued member of my family. I like the way he engaged us in the care and treatment of our Cat, showing us what to look for and what to do, etc.. Yes, it was pricey, but it's worth it and he does explain the treatment options in detail. I never felt pressured to do unnecessary tests and such. If you want good care for you cat with a Vet that Specializes in their care then you cannot go wrong on taking your cat there. I will go back again and bring my other two cats. Small price to pay for a piece of mind.

Georgia K. 8/31/2016

Dr. K is an excellent vet. I got my first kitten from him in 2002. Recently, I moved home and had a sick kitten. He tried to save him, but the kitten was too sick. He was so kind about everything and that helped. He even stayed open hours later to try to save him. I then brought in my other cat, and luckily he was fine. Then, when I adopted a new kitten, he took care of him as well. The prices are a little higher, but he specializes in cats and has an excellent demeanor with people as well as their cats.

Karen G. 10/5/2015

These folks really care about cats! I wanted a practice that offered more cat-centric services. I was at banfield before, and not to dismiss them, but they seem more like 'generalists' that cater to all animals, rather than specialize on any one. For example, Banfield took my cat's temperature using a rectal thermometer. I hate this done to my cat, as she is so traumatized by the experience. The folks at Woodbridge Cat Clinic understand this aversion. They go to great lengths to ensure that cats feel at ease in their office. They play soft music, they don't use metal exam tables, but use material better suited for a cat's sensibilities.

The vet, Dr. K, taught me how to scruff my cat to make nail clipping and medicating easier. I was given some vitamins and antibiotics for my cat to get over her minor case of sniffles. My vet also gave me a great broth recipe that will encourage my cat to drink more water. They have boarding facilities in house, they also are able to hydrate via IV if necessary for overly hydrated cats. I cannot emphasize enough what great peace of mind it gives me to know my furr baby is in good hands.

I don't want to forget the payment details in my review. When I compare what I paid monthly at Banfield, with what I paid for an initial visit at my Dr. K's, I believe it is comparable. At first, it may seem that Banfield is familiar because it seems just like insurance that we pay for. However, the lower quality of service is not worth the 'familiar'. I am sticking with Dr. K because I feel my cat is in good, loving hands. The office is located on the right hand side of Old Bridge, when traveling northbound. It is in a small office complex, near the intersection of Occoquan Rd and Old Bridge. Caution should be used when driving into the office, since it is located on a somewhat busy and accident prone part of Old Bridge Rd. Thanks Dr. K! --Karen & Nina Herrera